Carrying on a traditional art legacy with a unique current perspective. The concept is "A BRAND NEW OLD SCHOOL". It is now the times that everything can be dyed and produced in mass with chemical dye. That is why to express the produce with unique color and to give best efficacy to the product, we committed here only use “natural dye” with our bare hands. UZU is located in Nishio-city Japan, a charming little town. We learnt from the various activities and the culture of the town. Interacting with the people and inspirited by everything this town, in here we produce our work . --------------------------------------- All UZU products are dyed by hand. Natural dye can not dye exactly the same. It is influenced by weather and temperature. Thank you for understanding and enjoying the taste of hand dyeing that some difference will happen between the same design. ---------------------------------------- This shop is only for oversea shipment from Japan. If you purchase Uzu items in Japan, click here↓ http://shop-uzu-japan.com/