Indigo 3 piece bed sheets set / DOUBLE SIZE
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Indigo 3 piece bed sheets set / DOUBLE SIZE

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When you wake up, you may notice that your child chews on the bed covers. You expect bed covers to be safe when babies put them in their mouth. We created our product “Indigo bed sheets set” keeping that in mind. A harmless product is needed because adults and babies have daily contactwith bed sheets. ----------------------------------------- Double size↓ :Pillow case (size 43×63cm) :Duvet cover (size190×210cm) :Mattress cover(size100×240×30cm) cotton 100% made in Japan Indigo colored 3 piece set. Easy on the skin bed sheets. ------------------------------------ If you sleep with your baby, you might observe the child can sweat excessively. Duvets, which may be comfortable for adults, might cause higher body temperatures in babies. But our soft and cozy sheets help babies sleep comfortably . It also helps eliminate odors. Indigo has a deodorizing effect and is tested by our staff. Contact with the baby’s mouth is safe, because we use unbleached 100% cotton and dyed using natural indigo. This unique indigo design will guarantee to add style and brightness to any room. Without a doubt making any interior more attractive .