indigo baby sling
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indigo baby sling

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There are many ways to use it such as holding the baby sideways, holding vertically if the baby can holds it’s head up or piggy back. Here’s how to use the sling⇩ You can start using it from a newborn baby up to around 3 years old. You can tie the sling to fit your body so it’s easy to do any works since the baby is close to you. You can also breastfeed your baby secretly so you don’t need to go to nursing room anymore. You can wash it too, and you can even fold it small and it’s very light. But you can use sling for long time by changing to the other shoulder when you feel like “I’m little tired”, and you’ll feel relieved right away. and you notice that your child chews everthing. You expect items for child to be safe when babies put them in their mouth.uzu baby sling is perfect for it becaue of indigo benefits. You can enjoy the fashion with sling since it has beautiful color of indigo dye. //free gift rapping// go gift rap category & click ¥0 gift rapping.